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Our era is made incoherent by the pitfalls of the Internet. Everyone is an armchair philosopher. We are awash in recycled Marx and Smith, the ghosts of William James and Roarty. We are sick from the cowardice of Keynes and the negligence of Friedman. We are the lepers of history. What physician can treat such symptoms of cultural rot? The Wagtail Publishing label is openly biased in favor of truly forward-thinking content. It is the pharmacist who purifies the blood of our times. Wagtail Publishing's purpose is simple: to give voice to those who will steer us into our best future.

Introducing: République

Wagtail Publishing's catalog premiere offers readers the power to move with the times rather than stumble into the future. Here, you will find the life story and vision of a man unafraid of political backlash for daring to tell the truth about the dangers posed by ungoverned digital communications. "There is an old trap for elephants," says the author, "that I've always admired for its simplicity. To catch an elephant, saw halfway through the base of the largest nearby tree. Chase the beast until it grows weary, then hide. It will lean on the trunk that it supposes will bear its weight but, alas, can do so no longer. The elephant collapses and becomes its hunters' meal. We prepare ourselves for such a trap when our cultures rely upon digital media for its communications infrastructure." Other networking technology "gurus" (such as Tim Wu) offer crocodile tears as a remedy for the dangers ahead of us -- and for the the dangers now as well. They build careers out of our cultural palsy, and their visions of the future protect their interests.

République provides the cure.

Praise for République

"République is a bible of ideas you can't ignore from a captain of the industry. But understand this: this is tough praise. Being captain is very different from being a GOOD captain. Is he prepared to go down with his ship? Only time will tell, and I have a feeling that République is only a taste of things to come." .

-Sal Spinnaker, CEO of Span News Network

"Treglazov paints in broad strokes on major topics... the development of information technology coming out of the Cold War arms race, how we could arrange a just society not through government or economics but through closely managed network structures.... He even joins Kurzweil and Stapledon by predicting how information technology will determine the next stages of the human race… But then he goes back to paint the details. It's in the details you might just find yourself converted to a new way of looking at your laptop or tablet device."

-Eric Beitar, founder of Aceymac Computers (written in response to early drafts before his death in 2011)

"Treglazov is master of the wild swing when it comes to ideas. Most of those ideas seem too ludicrous to be true, but you can't brush him off because of a few eccentricities when what he's gotten right -- some might say foretold -- are the major information trends of the last twenty years. Whether or not you like what you see, keep one eye on République and one eye on the headlines."

-Matt Holst, founder of Nation Online

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